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Emergencies (Reporting a Crime)
When to call 999
When to call 999
  • When there is a threat to life; this includes road traffic accidents where people are injured, the road is blocked, or a vehicle involved in the accident has failed to stop

  • Violence to a person or damage to property is imminent

  • A serious offence is in progress

  • A suspected offender is still at the scene of a crime

  • When any delay in reporting the incident may prevent the apprehension of an offender

  • When serious disruption to the public is currently taking place or, is likely to take place


When to call 101 (non-emergency)
  • To report a crime that is not currently taking place and the offender is no longer present

  • Where your call is a routine enquiry

  • To make an appointment to attend an enquiry desk

  • Requests for advice or to provide information

  • Lost and found property enquiries

Or as an alternative, use the online reporting system to report similar incidents of a non-urgent matter:


Always Tell The Police

Some incidents may seem trivial, and too much trouble to bother reporting, but it's very important that you do. They target Their resources according to the analysis of crime reports, so if large numbers of incidents are not reported this analysis will be incorrect.

Not all reports of crime result in a visit by a police officer, but when looked at along with other reports from the same area a picture may emerge which enables the police to respond more effectively than to individual incidents.


PCSO Contact Details


Update on our PCSO coverage for the S17 area.

PCSO Paul (Fraser) Bullas

07584 113615

PCSO Contact Details

For Coverage of Low Edges, Jordanthorpe or Batemoor please contact.

PCSO Adrian Tolson.

tel: 07787 881945. email:

PCSO Paul.Harran.

tel: 07584617230. email:



Remember these officers work shifts BUT NOT on Sundays and may not be available all the time. The phones are left at Woodseats Police Station when not on duty.


By their nature, scams vary from time to time but some of the frequently encountered features are shown below together with basic advice on how to deal with them. S17NWA will endeavour to issue warnings to members of newly encountered scams.


Telephone scams

Never answer the phone by giving your name if the caller does not know your name, it is likely to be a cold caller or scam.

NEVER press button “1” if the caller or recorded message tells you to, it is a scam.

These are commonly from your so-called internet provider claiming they have detected a problem with your internet service. It is a scam do not give out any information and hang up the phone.

There are many variations on this theme, but all can be easily recognised for what they are, do not get into discussions with them just hang up.


Computer scams

Most of you will have received emails saying you have won a fortune, someone wants to give you thousands of pounds or they have a business proposition for you, etc etc all are scams just Delete them.


Messages supposedly from your Bank, Building Society or other financial groups like “Stripe” even Amazon that there has been an attempt to take money from your account or they have detected unusual activity on your account. Some of them you may not have an account with anyway. They will then tell you to click on the link in the email, to contact your supplier to sort out the problem.

NEVER EVER CLICK ON ANY LINK. If you have any doubts, contact your bank etc by the number on the back of your credit/debit card or statements so you know you are talking to the real people, not the scammers.

Similarly, you might get an email claiming to be from Microsoft or Hotmail etc saying your account will be suspended if you do not confirm your details by clicking on a link provided. As above NEVER CLICK ON ANY LINKS. One of the giveaways is they never address you by your name but by your email address.


Often scam emails purport to come from one person but if you look carefully at the sender's details, they are usually completely different from the one claimed to be the sender, another obvious warning of a scam.

When to call 101
When to Tell The Police
Telephone Scams
Computer Scams
Links provided by Sheffield City Council

Use this information to report any issues in your area.

Contact your local Dore & Totley Ward councillors below:-

Councillor Colin Ross -  email:        

Councillor Joe Otten -   email:

Councillor Martin Smith - email:

When contacting any of the following, please keep a note of the Reference Number you are given. 
Contact your Councillors if you've already reported an issue and not received satisfaction, or if you think a bigger issue is involved requiring action for the community.


Bins, recycling and waste collection - 0114 273 4567

Burglar alarms and noise nuisance - 0114 273 4567

Car parking - 0114 273 6158

Dog fouling  - 0114 273 4567

Graffitti - On road signs, grit boxes and litter bins, contact the Council using an online form at or ring 0114 273 6895

- On bus stops, the contact is Transport Executive online form at

- On phone boxes or the green cabinets, BT can be contacted on 0800 023 2023 (option 1):

High hedges - 0114 273 4567

HGVs - 0114 273 6677 - please also note the date and time, registration number, name of the vehicle operator and, if possible, take a photograph (Only on HGV restricted road)

Litter and fly-tipping - 0114 273 4567

Pest control - 0114 203 7410

Potholes and damaged pavements - 0114 273 4567

Road Drains and flooded roads - 0114 203 7410

Street lighting - 0114 273 4567

Street trees - 0114 273 4567

Trading Standards -   0808 223 1133.

Traffic lights, street signs, bollards, etc - 0114 2734567

Trees and Woodlands

Water leaks - Yorkshire Water

Write to Them - a website that forwards mail to your Councillors, MP or MEPs

Sheffield City Council Support
Support Hotlines 

Action Fraud 

Reporting to Action Fraud can be done online at or by calling 0300 123 2040.


Domestic Abuse 

South Yorkshire Police have a domestic abuse webpage with more information and contact details for support organisations across South Yorkshire:


The Samaritans

Available day or night, for anyone who’s struggling to cope, who needs someone to listen without judgement or pressure

Call free 24 hours a day 365 days a year on 116 123



Childline is available to help anyone under 19 in the UK with any issue they’re going through. Call 0800 1111


The Silver Line

Call free on 0800 4 70 80 90

Support Hotlines
Social Media Links
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