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We're here to serve you, as an S17 resident.

For several years until late 2017, Neighbourhood Watch in Sheffield was organised as a single City-wide body under the auspices of the Sheffield District Neighbourhood Watch Alliance which in turn was affiliated to the South Yorkshire Neighbourhood Watch Association. In meetings in late 2017 and early 2018, these two bodies determined that they are dissolved and that new arrangements be put in place.

South Yorkshire Police Authority requested that such new arrangements for Sheffield be aligned as closely as possible with their policing districts and that in place of a single City-wide association there should be four new NW districts dividing Sheffield into:

  1. North West and Central, 2) North East, 3) South East, 4) South West

For each of these districts, members of the defunct SDNWA were approached to lead the development of the new arrangements. For the South-West district, Les Day (previously Vice-Chair of SDNWA), was asked to drive forward the new structure.

The New Arrangements

Within the South-West district, the NWA in Dore already had a loose day-to-day working arrangement with the Associations in Bradway and Totley holding joint meetings to maximise their effectiveness and to minimise the call on the time of police officers.

It was decided that a more formal arrangement would be of benefit to these three areas and a working party with membership from each of these areas was established under the Chairmanship of Les Day. The outcome was the establishment of a single association covering the S17 postal district to be known as Sheffield S17 Neighbourhood Watch Association (S17NWA).

A new Constitution was drafted, based on the Constitution of the National Association but strengthened to reflect the latest data protection legislation.

This Constitution was approved at a meeting of members on 24th June 2019 and a Committee was elected. See below!

To become a member of Neighbourhood Watch, or simply to get more information, please contact one of the Area Coordinators at the email addresses shown below or complete the on-line application form.

Les Day



Meet The Team

Meet The Team


Vice Chairman 

Les Day

Totley and Bradway


Charles Ian Douglas.


John Sharpe

Totley and Bradway

Data Controller

Comittee Members

Gail Daniels,                
Douglas Fermie        

Rory O'Connor          

Rob Webster            

Dore North comprises everywhere to the North of a) High Street, b) Church Lane (as far as the junction with Blackamoor Road) and c) Rushley Drive

Dore East consists of everywhere to the East of Bushey Wood Road and Savage Lane (to include both sides of those two roads)

Dore West is everywhere to the West of Bushey Wood Road and Savage Lane (but not including either of those roads).

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